World's Best practice cpr


                        Quality CPR
                Quality of CPR

SmartMan defines quality in a clear objective scientific way, then gives you a simple way to quickly develop the ability to perform skills which will provide optimal benefit to a patient.

Independent research has confirmed again and again that people who are trained on SmartMan consistently perform at the highest levels and produce the highest survival rates in the world.

With SmartMan your whole team will be performing at a high level and you will have objective evidence to prove it.

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                         Bettre Feedback  
              Better Feedback

With less than 60 seconds on SmartMan you will know how to improve. You will be able to correct performance behaviors which have been learned.

The visual color feedback has received many innovation awards. It is so easy that you can adjust your performance on the go. This is essential to attaining the best performance levels.

SmartMan is the only CPR feedback system that has been shown to have consistent retention rates over a 54 month study period.

It is simple and it works. Ask for a demo today.

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The beauty of COMPETENCE SmartMan gives you the way

SmartMan provides high quality Resuscitation simulations, designed to reach high quality CPR skillset and are built to last. These systems provide state of the art feedback as you perform. These systems are proven to develop a very high level of competence. Users will achieve high quality CPR performance. SmartMan's award winning feedback is so simple you can adjust your performance on the fly and thus perform to meet the level and skills outlined in the guidelines. It is always accurate and always easy to understand and if you want high fidelity detail, it is there as well.

SmartMan systems always feature the SmartMan real time feedback system. There are more than a dozen world firsts. Our products serve Infant CPR (Pediatric Baby and Pediatric Infant), BLS (Basic Life Support 55lb to 250lbs with adjustable chest resistance), ALS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), Megacode, SIM for response to SCA, and Airway Management Trainer (for improved use of BVM as well as Intubation on the Fly).