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Data Overview

Always Created

 *  Accurate & Reliable
 *  Easy to Access
 *  Visual Display & Charts
 *  Export to Excel


 *  Collect, Backup, Analyze In-House
 *  Create Reports and Feed Into Decision Making
 *  Learn From SmartMan How To Do It
 *  Engage V4EMS to do it For You

SmartMan ALWAYS gives you Accurate data. Our proprietary sensors have the highest fidelity data streams in emergency response. Data is always produced for critical parameters and you can view this data at any time. SmartMan systems have a data priority. This means that it only creates a colored graph if it receives data.

Producing accurate data is only the first step to objective informed decision making. SmartMan has the tools to provide this information to better inform policy, whether just for you class or for a whole state.

Accuracy is Paramount. SmartMan sensors are professional high grade proprietary sensors with tolerance, validity and reliability ratings. They are created as scientific instruments which can be the basis of rigorous scientific research.


Accurate Data Basic to All Products

Available Immediately

 *  Immediate Access
 *  Immediate Summary Graphs
 *  Single Click to View Analysis
 *  View Results At Anytime

Easy Access

 *  Summary of Performance by Parameter
 *  View Now or at a Later Time
 *  Chart of Performance Charts
 *  Display on Large Screen

QCI Module DATA Basic

ACCURATE PRODUCED IS PRODUCED BY ALL PRODUCTS. It is your decision to do what you want with your data. Every time you re-display a set of results, the data are re-creating the visual display from the data that is stored on your hard drive. For some people it is enough to see the overall score and they use the summary tables and analysis on the tabs within the program. All SmartMan products product the data and allow you full immediate access to it. More QCI Basic information here.

Data in Pro Level (201) Products

ENCHANCED FEATURES All Pro (201) level products come with extra tools for dealing with results Data. For example, there is a convenient single click button to export performance data. This gives the trainer the ability to narrow the data by type of activity and date. It is then exported to a comma delimited file. This makes it easy to display the data in a spreadsheet program such as OpenCalc or Excel. Access to Export of Data is controlled by an encrypted password and is site specific.

Pro level products also feature single button click to make a back of all data. This doe snot require a login and will ask for a location of the backup so it is easy to put it onto an external thumb drive. More information on Data in Pro 201 Products here.


eSERT Data Products

Focus On Data

 *  Objective Verifiable Benchmarks
 *  Establish Realistic Thresholds of Performance
 *  Chart Retention Levels
 *  Identify Areas Needing Improvement

Decision Making

 *  Graph Numbers and Performance Levels
 *  Show Maintenance of Standards
 *  Graph Trends Over Time
 *  Objective Analysis to Feed into ROI

Data in eSERT Products

eSERT our World Leading Data Service. It is takes the hard work out of collecting, cleaning sorting and display your results data. All you have to do is examine the graphs to determine the meaning hidden within it. There are 3 levels to choose from.

eSERT Starter, Power and MAX. Our eSERT Service saves time and money and gives you the data and the graphs on time. There are three levels of eSERT so you can choose which one is best for your organization. Many places do not want the hassle of collecting data from many places, then assembling it and then figuring out the best way to display that data. SmartMan's eSERT Data Service does all of this for you. Our experts even create the graphs so that you only have to examine the graphs and decide what it means and how to act on it.

Economical eSERT Included PRO+e Products. Our 301e or Pro+e line of products bring an inexpensive world class service to your product. More information on eSERT Here.