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Technical Reports

Software Version Information

HARDWARE and SOFTWARE are matched. The hardware version which you purchased meets or exceeds the guidelines in effect at date of purchase.

UPDATES: You can update the software within your version range by connecting to the Internet, starting the software and clicking on the update Button in the SmartMan software. If you have an older manikin system, do not download the latest version and install it. It will not run correctly.

UPGRADES: Most upgrades will require hardware changes. Sometimes it is possible for versions to be Upgraded via software. To verify whether this is possible with your manikin system, send us the number on the Pop-up Panel or the VPA number on the back, the key code, the name of the program you run, and the software version number.

2020 November 12 - Release of Version 2.3.15 (Pediatric ONLY)

* Guidelines Update for Pediatric products
* New Activity for 20-30 Breaths in Rescue Breathing
* Scoring and Timing for New Activity added
* New Results File Identifer Added

2020 October 12 - Release of Version 2.3.14

* General Security Update
* Security Update for Export of 'All Results'
* Security Update for viewing previous results
* Release of greater compatibility with eSERT Console
* Improved backward compatibility for display of previous results
* Fixes for various displays

2020 June 01 - Release of Version 2.3.7

* RSIM1, RSIMTEAM1, RSIMARDS gets wave form ETCO2 display
* Waveforme CAP responds to Quality CPR as well as ventilations
* RSIMARDS Released
* 1 Rescuer and 2 Rescuer CPR tweak
* Fix to make html print report consistent across different platforms

2020 Feb. 01 - Release of Version 2.3.6

* Added greater functionality with new toggle buttons in RSIM
* Modified structure of print report in RSIM
* RSIM Quick-View Graphs Implemented
* RSIM Team data based implemented
* Export and print capabilities in eSERT-BI pages enhanced

2019 Oct. 22 - Release of Version 2.3.34  

* Commercial Release of RSIM Range of Products
* Modified RSIM data structure for improved international support
* Knowledge Bank Incorporated into RSIM
* Update to Megacode Pro+
* Fixed issue with eSERT Name and ID local Enrolment control

2019 Sept. 14 - Release of Version 2.3.3

* Fixed issue with updater and version numbers
* Fixed issue with scaling and re-size on 4k screens
* Full access to MS PowerBI for eSERT implemented
* Autosubmitter and Autoenrol for eSERT released
* Update to Megacode Pro
* Update to Megacode Pro+
* Fixed issuer with eSERT Enabled enrol

2019 Feb. 01 - Release of Version 2.3.0 (Major Software Update)
* Release of x64 bit installers
* Improved multi-processors Support
* Improved support for external screens
* Update of PowerBI Customized Displays
* Admin Autosubmitter Released
* Megacode Pro Given Enhanced Functionality
* Update to Megacode Pro+
* Fixed issuer with eSERT Enabled enrol

2018 Mar 1 - Release of Version 2.2+
* Full access to MS PowerBI for eSERT implemented
* Autosubmitter and Autoenrol for eSERT released
* Update to Megacode Pro
* Update to Megacode Pro+
* Fixed issuer with eSERT Enabled enrol

2018 May 05 - Release of Version 2.2.18
* Enhanced Database Security
* Creation of Autoenrol for eSERT
* Trial of Admin Control System for eSERT
* Fixed time-out issue with USB * Changes to deal with latest Win 10 updates

2018 Mar 1 - Release of Version 2.2.+  (Requires New Installer)

HARDWARE: Version 2.2+ can use the same hardware as v2.0+ BUT it requires a new installer. The "Update" Button on v2.0+ will NOT give you the features of this new software.
All products shipped after 1 March 2018 are shipped as v2.2+ ready.
UPDATE from v2.0+ Contact us for the download link. Download the new installer and double click. UPDATE from v1.1.7: It likely can be updated remotely. Contact us with your panel number and keycode and we can verify whether it can be updated via software or not.

v2.2.9 2018 Update Oct 1
All ADULT and BABY SmartMan Products now on v2.2.9
* Improved and expanded multiple language availability.
* Improved display when connected to external monitors.
* Added support for First Trainer.
* Added data structure for new Megacode reporting.
* Added support for SmartManScribe network interface.
* Added network access for SmartManScribe via tablet and interactivity with new megacode.

v2.1.2 2017 Mar 1 - Release of Version 2.0
HARDWARE: Version 2.0+ requires a hardware change.
All products shipped after 1 March 2017 are shipped as v2.0+ ready.
If you have v1.1.7 it most likely can be updated remotely. See below for instructions. If you grade to v2.0+ from v1.1.7, you will not lose your data files. This version will read and display those files.

If you are already running v2.0+, to update this software, connect to the Internet. At the start page click on the blue bottom and when you are at the Login page click on the Update Button and select the update. When you first install the software onto a new computer, once it is installed please update it.

v2.1.2 2017 Update Oct 1
All ADULT and BABY SmartMan Products now on v2.1.2
* Quicker software loading.
* Quicker display of results when finished an activity.
* Improved support for multiple languages
* Fixed issue with Baby display
* Fixed issue with USB port going into sleep mode
* Improved graphics handling on less powerful computers.
* Quicker load speed when connected to very large external monitors

v2.1 2017 Update June 15
All ADULT and BABY SmartMan Products now on v2.1
* Improved display of ventilations for Baby and Neonate
* Improved display of Intubation Trainer
* Improved graphic for Hands-Off Fraction real Time Display
* Added more languages
* Changed the way default languages work
* Increased speed of displaying results
* Improved accuracy calculation on low volume protocol

v2.0 Release date Mar 1
All SmartMan ADULT products now on v2.0+
* Enhanced support for AHA, ERC, ILCOR and Alternative Protocols Guidelines 2015.
* Improved support for recent operating system changes
* Improved speed on tablets and lower end computers
* Improved support for very large external monitors
* Multi-Language Support

Upgrade to v2.0+ from v1.1.7
Contact us for the procedures. Send us a) the number of the Panel on the side of the black pop-up, b) include which version you are running. To find this out, start SmartMan and it will say at the bottom middle of the screen.

Upgrade to v2.0+ from v5.3
This cannot be done without a complete manikin rebuild.


Support for AHA Guidelines 2015

All SmartMan Products now on v1.0+
Ongoing Updates from v1.06 to v1.1.7
The final update to this software is v1.1.7.

Summary of Updates
- Support for Multi-threaded processors
- Improved support for Win 8.0, Win 8.1, and Win 10 on small footprint devices
- Ability to create classes added
- Ability to filter by class added
- Ability to print class results added
- New Tablet Control Software for Megacode Monitor
- New USB handing for Baby
- Improved low volume support for Baby
- New controller for lung capacity adjustment on Baby
- Trainer Tools to export Zip file added
- OpenCalc Added to all product shipping with computers
- Trainer Tools to Export Results Speeded Up


Version 1.0 Released 1 Jan 2015 - New Product Release
This requires new hardware and new software.

New Hardware Specs
All of the new products below feature
  1) plug and play to install on a computer
  2) single click login to the practice user with no limitations
  3) unlimited logins with no registration required
  4) no Internet required
  5) trainer access to results without connection to the manikin. Software requires the most recent hardware upgrades. Software will only run if these new hardware upgrades are installed.
BLS (new product release 1 January 2015)
BLSPro (new product release 1 January 2015)
BLSPro+ (new product release 1 January 2015)
ALSPro (new product release 1 January 2015)
ALSPro+ (new product release 1 January 2015)
Megacode (new product release 1 January 2015)
MegacodePro (new product release 1 January 2015)
MegacodePro+ (new product release 1 January 2015)
SIM1 (new product release 1 January 2015)

NOTE: Versions running v5.3 cannot run this software without being sent back to SmartMan to have the hardware updated.

BLS AR (update 1 Jan 2015)
This software runs ONLY on a tablet or SmartPhone. Go to the Google app store or to teh Apple App store and download the SmartMan AR app.


SmartBaby v2.1.2 (update) 30 Sept 2014
~ Memory leak issue fixed
~ Potential display issue if repeated use of vents trainer fix
~ Clean up of display at end of cycle
SmartMan & Airway SmartMan (updated v5.3.5.3   8 Sept 2014)
~ Fix for display issue on upgrading from Win 7
~ Fix for potential memory leaks under some circumstances
SmartMan Megacode (v1.1.3 updated 11 July 2014)
~ Improve Rhythm generator
~ More flexibility with critical events
~ Added Megacode control so that critical events and heart rhythms can be controlled via a tablet.
~ Modified print routine for more information
SmartBaby v2.0.1(updated 2 Feb 2014)
~ Added Second Protocol Practice for Ventilations Trainer
~ Can now perform 0.5 as well as 1.0 ventilations
~ Set sensitivity for low volume ventilations
~ Added Fix for final emptying of lungs and related display issues


SmartMan & Airway SmartMan (update v5.3.3.4 1 Nov 2013)
~ Fix to print
~ Fix for data retrieval
~ Improved instructions for how to perform skills
SmartBaby v1.1 (updated 5 May 2013)
~ Increased sensitivity to ventilations
~ Added second selection in ventilations trainer
~ Expanded activity options
~ Hardware upgrade
SmartMan Megacode (v1.1.3 updated 11 Aug 2013)
~ Heart Rhythm control added for rhythms during SCA
~ Improved Critical Events Recorder
~ Made Fraction times more obvious in print report
~ Fixed bug in After Action Report that could prevent bars from being displayed
SmartMan Megacode (v1.0.1 updated 2 Feb 2013)
~ Modified algorithm for health status monitor
~ Improved report
~ Improve printing ability
SmartMan & Airway SmartMan (update v5.3.3.3  1 Feb 2013)
~ Improved ease of use of Practice Sessions
~ Providing of bulk registrations
~ Added "restart" button in some activities to facilitate moving people through quickly
~ Fix for display issue in specific circumstances
~ Tidal view added
SmartBaby v1.0 (updated 1 Feb 2013)
~ Released 15 November 2012
~ First major update to this software
~ Auto Update implemented
~ Auto calibrate implemented
~ Improved display in ventilations activity
~ SmartBaby should not be run at the same time SmartMan and Airway SmartMan are being run. Quit that software first. Only one SmartMan program should be running at a time on a single computer.


SmartMan Megacode (v1.0 released Nov 2012)
~ Features health status with interactive response to how well CPR is performed
~ Critical event time line
~ Real time feedback on skills as code is ongoing
SmartMan & Airway SmartMan (update v5.3.3.2   1 Nov 2012)
* Released 1 November 2012.
* Main updates include:
* Support for experimental 10 to 1 on non-intubated victim as supported in ROC study
* Support for wireless use
* improved reporting
* improved sensitivity in the vents practice activity

v5.3.3.1 (update)
Released 1 June 2012
Auto version verification and update.
Graphics rewrite fix in vents trainer.

v5.3.2.2 (update)
Released 8 March 2012.
Fix for possible resolution issues if computer has maximum resolution of 1024x768.
Fix for corrupted compilation.

v5.3.1.1 (major update)
Released 14 Feb 2012.
Manikins received after 1 January 2011 should be running this software.

This is a major upgrade and it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to this version.

Summary of Changes

Released 1 October 2011.
This software requires a manikin physically upgraded for Guidelines 2010. All manikins received after 1 January 2011 should be running this software.

v5.1.0.4 (Important Update)
Released 18 August 2011.
Every software running on a manikin physically upgraded for Guidelines 2010 and all manikins received after 1 January 2011 should be running this software.

Released 1 May 2011.
If your manikin was received before 1 January 2011, you need to have a physical upgrade for your manikin before you can run this version of the software. This adds the following functionality.

Released 1 March 2011
This version requires updated hardware in the manikin. There is now a version for SmartMan and a version for Airway SmartMan. Make sure you download the correct version. This is a total re-write of the software to support performance in these guidelines. In addition, adds the following.

This is the main version issued before Upgrade to the Guidelines 2010.

This version provides a major change to registering. It shortens this process, gets rid of a couple of pages and makes the template a lot more intuitive.
The version also is the first release of software to run Airway SmartMan. This allows full intubation and timing of ventilations with chest release.

The Main change in moving to version 3.6 was in response to users. First we expanded the number of practices available to every login. There are now 20 practices. The second change was to introduce the "Intermediate" and "Advanced" selection so a person can choose to have the real time feedback or they can hide it.

There was a major structure change in the way registrations are submitted. This was to get around the increasing difficulty posed by fire walls, anti-virus programs and protection programs.

For versions v3.4, v3.3, v3.2, v3.1, v3.0, v2.9, please contact SmartMan.